Saturday, August 30

On the Streets of Dogs, part 4

In a second's time, the dog charged, Warwick reaching up to grab its shoulders and direct it away from him. Every blow was either taken with a grin or cleverly dodged, not leaving a trace of sweat in evidence. Warwick felt it again; The wind blew at his hair and ears, whistling past the sails and muting the orders of four different people clamboring about the deck and thrown-down gangway.

"Alright, alright!" Cohen pleaded, "Ye've won." Warwick smiled at his handiwork – hats dropped and weapons left from fleeing dogs. "Ye've won me, t'least, but ye haven't won it all, mate." Warwick furrowed his brow, a new look overcoming him.

"And that is?" he challenged. Cohen looked nervously to the sides.

"The dogs. No, no – the real dogs! Them coppers, they're out lookin' for ye! B-but ye didn't 'ear it from me, ye didn't!" With that, Cohen leaped away at a brilliant, graceful pace, leaving Warwick near his bag of wares. Finding no food, he took a portion of the coins and continued on his way, once more walking towards the port. 

The stay was short-lived, however. "Oy! Aren't you the bloke from yesterday?" 

Tuesday, August 26

"Nefarious" - Pirate101 Fan-Fiction - Part 1

“Don't bother waking her up,” a voice groaned, followed by a cut-off word of protest and the clinking of swords on metal buttons. Nearby, fire crackled, wood hissing and popping from the flames. “She's got too many wounds,” the same voice complained, “It's not worth the ener- oww!” Scuffling was heard in the background as Destiny opened her eyes slowly, her mouth dry and everything seeming to hurt. A small jolt of energy filled her, willing her awake. She opened her eyes all the way and blinked the blurriness out, trying to sit up. A hand grabbed hers and pulled her to a sitting position. Gritting her teeth in dizziness, Destiny remained still for a moment as the people around her came into clearer view.

Friday, August 22

Four Ways the Summer Updates Will Change Gameplay

It's new. It's magnificent. It's...Nautically Nefarious? In terms of the summer Test Realm that was released last Wednesday, that seems to be the trending adjective. One of the most talked-about changes to the game released in the latest test-update is the opening of the massive tower on the Paths of Penance. Guides are popping up everywhere (check this one out!) and fans are head-over-heels for the new challenge! Players on Twitter are posting their progression and I'm even writing some fan-fiction to go along with it.

Less spoken-of are lots of other new changes, from flag-dying (very much wanted), ctrl+G addition to battles (very much appreciated) and other little changes in the game that allow for much more accessibility to players. Of course, with more accessibility options come topics deserving of much debate. Let's take a look at some of the hottest topics.

Monday, August 18

Coming Soon: Very Nefarious Fan-Fiction

Common knowledge states that there is a challenge in the depths of Mooshu that tests pirates beyond their perceptions of difficulty and pushes them to their limits in a contest and quest for the ultimate victory against the tyranny of Moo Manchu. Just as commonly known is that this tower is nearly impossible to do alone.