March 2, 2015

First Impressions: Kentucky Route Zero

I'll start it off here: I dislike point-and-click games with a burning passion. Especially when I was playing on my Mac, clicking on everything to try and figure one little fact out was the most aggravating thing - it as well obstructed my creative forces. When it came to games like To the Moon and Syberia, which are both nice games for their story, I'd much rather watch on YouTube, because no matter what, I was convinced I'd never try a point-and-click ever again...

...and then I met Kentucky Route Zero.

February 26, 2015

Portal 2: A Tale of Two Chairs

While I'm trying to make it a habit to blog about my indie Steam adventures, I found this story a little too delectable to pass up.

When Portal 2 was on sale for about five bucks, I was poked by a friend of mine. We had talked before of buying good games for one another - Portal 2 for him, and The Talos Principle for me when it went on sale - as a sort of exchange, and I hopped onto the discount immediately with only one condition: I needed a co-op buddy to occasionally blog about. And so, the legacy of The Little Curly One on this site begun. Curly's a pretty good friend of mine, and I expected laughs over Voice Chat as we progressed through the levels, but not...not like this. Not at all like this.

February 24, 2015

Crowfall: Overview and Analysis of World Rulesets


This morning, ArtCraft Entertainment launched the official Kickstarter for Crowfall, along with dumping a massive release of info onto the fanbase. While among the information was lots of new content, there was also one major piece included in the blurb below the initial project video that filled in a few pieces of an unfinished puzzle in the teaser phases.

Remember this image? Originally, the players only had a slight idea of the risks and rewards in the The Shadow. Now that ArtCraft has released the information, players are now aware of the low-down of all five worlds. How will that change the game, the player-base, and the quest for the throne? Let's take a look.

February 20, 2015

Town of Salem: A Roleplayer's Fast-Paced Paradise

Thanks to Swordroll  - the awesome KI blogger - for taking pictures when I
was on low connection! Unfortunately, the problem got fixed
soon after, but I got him to play.

A long, moaning wind blew through Salem, willow leaves sticking to the damp house frames. So much dust had collected in the past few days, so much death looming over the area. I'd worked hard to make my living and keep quiet. Night by night, I'd decide who to visit and assist, my wits my only weapons. Of course, I kept sedatives in the household, just in case. Nothing that would stop a raging werewolf or determined mafioso, but...for someone like me. I had a feeling this day would come.

It's awfully ironic to be writing this post at this certain point in time; I am located just outside of Salem, Oregon. But nonetheless, this post has been several days due. Even after having built The Beast, my time has been occupied by a browser-based game (also available on Steam). And let me tell you: If you're a roleplayer, this game is to die for... Especially if you're the Jester.

For my younger readers: This game has foul language! Consult with a parent before playing.