March 29, 2015

Dungeons & Dragons: Explaining My Origins


Ick, it's been quite the week. Isn't that what I said last time? Now that it's the weekend...oh, wait. Still lots and lots of work to do. Not to worry, though - there's lots more to come in the near and only-slightly-distant future to the site that I can't wait to put out! Never you mind these doldrums. There is one game, though, that is sure to put me out of my spell of week-slap and sit me in a place where I can finally unwind - and that's D&D.

I've been reading a lot about others' gaming origins over the past week or two, so I thought I might explain mine. D&D is one of the major reasons why this blog got started (As in the January re-boot), and I'd like to share my own little journey.

March 22, 2015

Peace, Quiet, Eidolon: My Eidolon Bucket List

Geez, it's been a crazy week. I won't lie that next week will be just as hectic. But when there's havoc and chaos, there will always be games to counter that. For me, that's Eidolon. Playing it. Loving it. Running madly from bears...still loving it. Due to a bear both behind and in front of me right now, I'm saving my energy to make a straight-shot for my bow and arrow at top speed next time I boot up.

Or, I could make one of those death achievements. I've made a list of everything I'd like to get done in Eidolon and what I'll be posting about until I get the majority of them done.

March 15, 2015

Kentucky Route Zero: Elkhorn Mine

I have fallen completely in love with Kentucky Route Zero. To celebrate this, I'll be writing a long-term review as I play, expanding on my thoughts and experiences. 

Even though we hadn't even entered the mine, the underground platform we were standing on held our only source of light, the darkness and desperation intermingling to block the outside world from joining us. Shannon was at the circuitry, having handed me a speaker to call down into the mine shafts with. She was tall and brazen, honest in her thoughts. I truly believe that I came from a liar's house, and that Shannon told the truth...right? 

"Say anything, Conway," she prompted me, "Tell me about your breakfast." 

I paused. "Uh, I ate breakfast with Lysette this morning..."

March 11, 2015

Liebster Award - 10 Questions for Me, and 10 for Five More

Today, I was surprised to see my new friend, Jaedia (Dragons and Whimsy), poke me for the Liebster Award tag! The tagging couldn't have come at a better time, considering that I'm very busy this week and won't be able to stream or game very much. Therefore, I'm even happier to answer these ten questions, then send along ten of my own for five more unlucky souls fellow bloggers!