October 20, 2014

Videogames for a Cause: The Scoop on Extra Life 2014

Are you a gamer? Want to raise money for children in a fun way? Extra Life 2014 is for YOU! 

Throughout the gaming community, Extra Life has been talked about for at least the past month. Gamers are uniting for multiple hours of play of whatever games they want - video games, card games, board games...anything! - to raise money for children's hospitals. Let's see what it's all about, how YOU can participate, and what I'll be up to, this Saturday. (Links shared at the end of the post)

October 15, 2014

Could Birth-o-Ween Bear a New Pack for Pirate101?

When Happy Birthday
means Halloween,
the skies will churn
with a ringing scream

Pirates, pirates everywhere
Will be on the lookout for a birthday scare
But upon the years, just looking back
We may be in time for a halloween pack!

Mateys and Spirallites, here we are again - October on a very special day. Twitter began to buzz about what could happen during the Birth-o-Ween celebration in Pirate101, and a very good point popped up after some talk and the release of the Harrowing Hoard Pack in Wizard101: What about a pack for the pirates?

October 10, 2014

Satire: Why Crabs Need Sparkshooters

Donna Devereaux has been sitting pretty on my character selection screen for at least a few months.  I often wonder what things would be like, should I have not decided to play a Swashbuckler over my travels. Dead-eye the Bucc? Privateer? Witchdoctor, or even a Musketeer? A Musketeer fits Donna perfectly, and she does it pretty well, armed with her own Sparquebus and a harpoon-wielding crab...


This post was going to be terrible. Thanks to Donna, however, it has been brightened to the point of reinvention by none other than a crustacean. A giant crustacean.

A giant crustacean of mass destruction.

October 5, 2014

Exploring Fan-Fiction Character Differences

Hello! I type this with a sprained wrist. While I have a post nearly written in my archives, creating graphics is a little difficult. However, I did last night treat myself to a short character observation over my two favorite fan-fiction characters - Destiny Soultamer and Dead-eye Destiny - having been inspired by the new quests in Wizard101 connecting the two storylines of the Spiral. Establishing my characters' personalities and knowing how they apply is a powerful tool in writing and understanding their actions.